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March 14, 2016

I can’t believe it is the middle of March already & my goal for this newsletter was to get it done right after the NHBA Michigan Director’s meeting to update everyone on all that was discussed. Well then came phone & computer crashes! I think I have them fixed so here we go!

Our annual meeting went really good, with a few new items you as NBHA Members need to know!

One of our members brought to to our attention that that some members would like to get into the big shows early. We checked with the fairgrounds and found that we can do this with an additional charge. The Directors discussed this and decided that in order to accommodate this, we will be charged $75 if you want to come in a night early & you cannot arrive before 4:00 PM. This will help offset the additional cost.

We discussed a unique situation that I was made aware of this year. This was voted and approved that we have a youth representative from each district who will bring their ideas & things to make NBHA Michigan even better to Danielle Kanous who will in turn bring it to the director’s for consideration. We want more input from our youth members and thought they might take their ideas to someone their own age. Of course they can still bring their ideas directly to me or their director anytime too!

This year make sure you check your show bills for the time you get your entries in, to be in the 1st draw! In order to get our shows started in a timely manner, we will be doing 2 draws, if you are not entered in time for the 1st draw you will be put in the “late draw”.  REMEMBER YOU MUST STILL BE ENTERED BEFORE THE FIRST HORSE RUNS!

If you get a $10 donation (which must be in your pre-entry for state) you will get a free expo run at NBA Michigan State Championships!

Early arrivals will be allowed for $75.00 (Wednesday after 4PM).

The directors discussed the payoff for the short go and decided that no changes will be made.

We will be using a wireless transmitter for our timers so we are hoping we will be able to hang our timers & fastest time on the 2nd barrel side of the arena!!!! Exciting! AND we are pretty sure we will have WI-FI at the arena this year so we will be on the web!!!!

The contest for the design for Tee & sweat shirts is on!!! Submit your design idea to me via email before May 15th. Last year Tena Ladner & Sherri Yager were our winners! Thank you Tena & Sherri! If there is a certain color you have been wanting please let me know! My email is treelineranch@aol.com.

SPONSORS -- The sponsorship form is on the web, if you can’t download it please get hold of me or your director & we will get you as many as you need! You can have your entries & stall & camping paid by just getting ads for our program! $1,200 will get you a free entry, stall & camping! $500 will get you a free entry. $400 will get you a free stall! We as barrel racers support shoers, vets, car dealers, trailer dealers, western stores, chiropractor’s, dentists, feed store’s etc. They can get an ad for as little as $25, or get a barrel with their name on it for $250 or donate a buckle ($150) or saddle ($500). They can be the EXCLUSIVE sponsor of an event of the NBHA Michigan State Championships for $5,000!


Remember the dates are June 24-26 this year! If you arrive on the 23rd (not before 4 PM) there will be an additional $75 charge. Bring your dancing shoes again this year as we will be having a DJ! Watch the entry form in the Barrel Horse News and we will put a link to it on the schedle tab as soon as it it available.

If you have ANY questions or suggestions to make NBHA Michigan even better please contact me or your director! That’s why we are here!

I am hearing Michigan's weather is finally cooperating! Your director’s have some awesome shows planned for you this summer! See you all at the All District, April 22 & 23!

Diane Loosenort
1950 64th Street
Byron Center MI 49315