State Director's Corner

April 23, 2012

Please no early arrivals at the All-District show. The office will NOT be open for stall assignments or check-in until after 9:00AM Friday morning. Expos will not start until noon.

April 21, 2014

The draw for the All District show is posted on the schedule tab. Enter for Friday night's show on-site. There will be a PeeWee class Friday. Bret Puhl Photography, Ellie Mae Foods, and Lazy R Tack will be on the grounds. Curt Yerger will be announcing the show. We will not have sawdust available on the grounds but there is a TSC close to the fairgrounds or you can bring your own.

All horses on the grounds must have a stall, this is a Midland Fairground rule. If you haven't purchased a stall for your horse you will not be allowed to run.

Be sure to have your membership card and coggins with you when you check-in.

Have safe travels & Good Luck!

April 14, 2014

Next pre-entry deadline is May 1st for the Midland Blast. No Tie Outs will be permitted at Midland Fairgrounds this year. Be sure to check the News Page for announcements, advertisments and more.

March 19, 2014

Don't forget that the entry deadline for the All District show is April 1st. Also if you want to compete under the Woman's Professional Rodeo Association sanction at the All District or Midland Blast shows you need to join the WPRA in advance of the show and get permit or card number. You will need your WPRA number to enter.

March 3, 2014

I sure hope the snow goes away before the 11th Annual All District Show! The annual Board of Directors meeting was VERY informative. NBHA Michigan members have some really great running for the year 2014 in all your districts! Your directors have been very busy getting show schedules put together with lots of added $'s for you to run for!

Michigan has a new district; the Upper Peninsula is now MI01! Your new director is Dee Dee Meier, her phone is 602-577-4639, email her at d2meier@gmail.com, or Facebook her at the NBHA MI01 Group. She & hubby Jarrod came to the Directors meeting with a huge list of potential members & show arenas that want to have NBHA Michigan shows! They have a great love for barrel racing & want to put on some real quality shows in the UP! We are so happy to have Dee Dee & Jarrod; we wish them well & will give any help we can. Welcome to NBHA Michigan!

On a District level this year we will be keeping points in a 5-D format for World Qualifiers. Your Director can pay back in 3D or 4D at shows and also give year end awards in 3D or 4D.

New this year we will be having NPBA & WPRA approved events added to our shows. The All District & Midland Blast are already approved by both associations. Just a note: if you want NPBA points we WILL have membership forms available. If you want to run for WPRA points you must apply on-line. WE WILL NOT HAVE WPRA MEMBERSHIP FORMS AT SHOWS. For more information about these associations visit their websites (www.polebending.org and www.wpra.com) or call me and I will try to answer your questions. We have had many requests for the WPRA via Facebook. Depending on the entries at the All District & Midland Blast your directors are looking into additional approvals for other shows in Michigan. The National Pole Bending Association is holding their World Championships in Cloverdale, IN on June 6-8. To qualify for the NPBA World Show all you have to do is join the association and compete at 2 local qualifying shows. The WPRA is having a Great Lakes Divisional Tour Show (times & location to be announced)!

We would like to thank Diane Fenby, our new website administrator, for the new design & layout of our website. We have had many compliments on it really looking nice and being very user friendly! Just a note for the website we are selling ads on it for $10 a month for a business card size. So if you would like to advertise where barrel racers look - contact Diane Fenby at webmaster@michigannbha.com!

We are having a great contest for the logo design for the State Finals T's & sweats. Designs must include the following: 1. 2014; 2. NBHA Michigan State Championships; 3. Midland, Michigan; 4. August 28-30. We will not accept any advertisements within the logo design. If your design wins you will receive a free entry to the 2014 NBHA Michigan State Championships! Your logo entries must be submitted no later than June 1, 2014. Mail to: Diane Loosenort, 1950 64th Street SW, Byron Center, MI 49315 or submit via email to treelineranch@aol.com. The board will vote to select the winning design.

A few new rules & things you need to know for the 2014 NBHA Michigan State Championships:
1. We will be making Youth & Seniors 4-D this year! This means we need 2 more saddle sponsors & 2 more buckle sponsors. The 2014 Sponsorship form is posted on the website so download it & help us out! Remember if you get $400 in ads & sponsorships you get a free stall, $500 will get you a free entry, and $1200 will get you a free stall, free entry & free camping for the weekend. We all have shoers, vets, feed stores, dentists, etc. for our horses. Get busy so someone else doesn't get to them first. All ads must be in by August 1, 2014. If you need a program from last year to show to potential sponsors contact me & I'll get one to you. Every dollar we get is more added money! If you can't download the form please contact me & I will send you some.
2. We will be doing a Calcutta auction of our finalists in the Open Class as a fundraiser for State Championships. It is a really fun event and pays out for 1st in all 4 divisions!
3. We will only have 400 stalls available for State Championships at $40. After the first 400 stalls are sold the stall fee increases to $75. So get your entries in early!
4. Last year's announcer, Lenel, will be back! We are so fortunate to have him again.
5. Brett Puhl will be our new photographer & videos will be available! Brett will be able to give you your pictures right there on the grounds! Thank you Brett for coming to our NBHA Michigan State Championships! We are working on getting our State Championships webcast; we will let you know if are able to make this happen!
6. Ellie May will again be our cook!
7. Fairview Inn will again be our "Host Hotel"! We thank Fairview for making our photographer & announcer comfortable! If you need a room they are terrific! A block of rooms is reserved for NBHA Michigan but they are only held until 2 weeks before finals. Make your reservation early and be sure to tell them you want the NBHA Michigan discount. Your reservation includes a great warm breakfast bar, pool, Jacuzzi, popcorn, coffee and smiling faces!
8. We will not be having Dog Races this year because the directors were concerned about the liability.
9. To qualify for the NBHA Michigan State Championships you must have competed in 3 shows in your district and be a NBHA Michigan member in good standing.
10. Riders may qualify any number of horses per division into the finals.

The NBHA Open/Senior World show is adding a "Super Senior" class. This class will be open to anyone age 60 or over, you do not need to be qualified for Worlds, you can just enter. Also they are adding a Down & Back to this year's schedule! You cannot use a purchased Wild Card to enter the Open/Senior or Youth World Shows unless you have been a NBHA member for at least 1 year.

REMEMBER, if you have an issue, you must follow the NBHA chain of command. First, contact your District Rep or District Director. If not able to resolve, then contact your State Director. Then your regional director, then your executive regional director and last the National Office with a $50 fee.

Thank you for all your input for our Directors meeting! We had some really great suggestions! Thank you to our director's who took time to come to the meeting and put together another year of great barrel racing!

Diane Loosenort
1950 64th Street
Byron Center MI 49315