State Director's Corner

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Michigan riders bring home over $8,500 in Open/Senior World show prize money, the Director of the Year award and the Top Hand award!

Brad and Pattie Marshall, 2014 NBHA Directors of the Year

Tim Droptiny NBHA 2014 Top Hand.

World Show Results:

Open Finals -- Sarah Bennett and Wildfire Mister Blue 2D Reserve Champion! Pattie Marshall and Two Foxy Robin 5th in the 5D

Senior Finals -- Brian Langworthy and Indys Jet Line 9th in the 1D, Jeri Witzel and Run Like a Phantom 4th in the 3D, and Sherri Yager and Miss Kay Kim Be Bert 8th in the 3D

The second go of Open - Sarah Bennett 13th in the 1D and Bobbi Hinkley 9th in the 2D.

2 more Michigan riders qualified for finals in the 2nd Go of Seniors. Congratulations...Brian Langworthy wining the 3D, Sherri Yager wining the 4D and Jeri Witzel 3rd in the 3D!

Four MI NBHA riders are qualified for the finals after the 1st go of the Open. Congratulations Sarah Bennett , Jodi Loosenort, Barbie Stanton and Cindy Allen.

After the 1st Go of Seniors MI has 2 finals qualifers - Brian Langworthy and Cathy Schut.

21 Race - Sarah Bennett, 10th in the 2D and Sherri Yager, 8th in the 5D

Super Senior Race - Ron Sulivan, 6th in the 3D

Even though she is not from Michigan, congratulations to Marne Loosenort the 2014 2D Champion!

Congratuations to everyone who qualified, those who were able to make the trip and to the finals qualifers. Michgian was well represented this year!

Diane Loosenort
1950 64th Street
Byron Center MI 49315